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The Hidden Pocketbook Bandit

14 Sep

Is energy inefficiency robbing your monthly budget?

Would you sit at home and freely toss dollar bills out of your windows, eagerly slide loose change into your air conditioning vents, or happily slip excess coins between your walls?

Why of course not! Yet, energy inefficiencies throughout the home such as leaky air drafts, inadequate insulation, and outdated or inefficient equipment may be robbing your monthly budget causing you to over-pay your utility bill, time and time again.

Energy inefficiency is a sneaky pocketbook bandit that you can stop. What’s needed is a home A/C and Heat Maintenance program or tune up. This allows a thorough assessment of necessary as well as unwitting consumption of energy usage. Finding and correcting efficiency problems not only reduces waste but also allows you to enjoy higher comfort levels along with a lower utility bill.

You can conduct a very simple audit yourself or, for a more thorough assessment, call in a professional with access to technical equipment to better detect sources of energy loss in your A/C and Heat system and properly repair mechanical systems.

Common – and costly – inefficiencies include:

  • Refrigerant. An undercharged A/C system can lead to poor cooling, higher humidity, higher electric bills, less comfort, potential compressor failure.
  • Component failure. Checking your system for components that are worn, dirty or burnt can lead to higher energy use and can cause system malfunction or damage to your home.
  • Outdated heating & cooling equipment. HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) is the biggest energy expense in most of our homes. Replacing heat pumps and air conditioners more than 10 years old with a new Energy Star-rated comfort system can save up to 40% on heating/ cooling costs.
  • Finding and repairing air leaks can save you big dollars. Attics are hot!  So if your system has air leaks it can ruin your efficiency by pulling hot air into the system (which kills the efficiency) or blow cold air into attic. Neither is what you want to happen!!!

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