Fall is Here

17 Oct

Have you had your home heating system inspection yet? According to HEALTHY LIVING’s fall 2011 issue (one of America’s leading HEALTH MAGAZINES), one of the top 5 simple steps for fall wellness includes getting your HEATING SYSTEMS CLEANED! This not only helps in keeping your system free of allergy-provoking dust and mold but also extends the life of your system, saves you up to 30% on your energy consumption, and keeps you and your family safe from furnace fires and deadly levels of carbon monoxide.

Dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide can seep into your home through a crack in your heat exchanger, sometimes called a fire box. When a crack in the heat exchanger occurs, the deadly carbon monoxide is distributed throughout the home via the duct system. Because carbon monoxide is tasteless, odorless, and colorless, many tragic deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning occur every year. Levels as low as 35 parts per million can make you sick.

In order to keep your home and family safe, we recommend you get your annual heating system inspection early before any problems arise. Call Dave at Wilson Mechanical and you’ll get a 19-point furnace tune-up, cleaning, and safety-check, including a carbon monoxide test for only $59.00 for one system or $109.00 for two systems! If you have more than two systems, than the cost is only $50.00 extra per system. That’s at least a $30.00 savings over normal rates!

The list below includes some of the components we inspect during a service check of your furnace:

• Safety test for carbon monoxide (CO)
• Check for hazardous debris in the chimney and flue
• Check heat exchanger for cracks and holes
• Check operation of thermostat and safety controls
• Check gas pilot safety system and clean as required
• Check blower motor and clean fan as needed
• Check blower operation
• Check condition, tension and alignment of fan belt, and adjust as needed
• Check gas piping to furnace for leaks
• Check safety limits and flame roll out switches
• Clean burners and set for proper combustion and ignition
• Check inducer motor
• Check pressure switches
• Check for air leaks

In addition to having a furnace inspection to keep your heating system in tip-top shape, there are many things you can do as a home owner. Some of these include:

Testing your CO detector – Test your CO detector to make sure it works. Replace the battery at this time as well. Don’t have a CO detector? Get one or I can get you one for you! And don’t forget about the smoke detector!

Keeping your furnace clear – Make sure there are no clothes, lint, or furniture blocking airflow to your furnace. Also make sure there is nothing flammable stored near the furnace that could explode given the chance.

Changing your air filter – Clogged filters can significantly restrict airflow to your furnace and seriously hurt its performance. For best performance, it is recommended that you change filters once a month.

Now is the perfect time to call and make sure your heating system is safe and reliable. The seasons are changing and you won’t need your heater for another month or so. Why not take this slight down time for your climate control equipment to make sure your family is safe and cozy all winter. With over 23 years experience, environmentally friendly service, and top quality products, owner Dave Wilson ensures your furnace will be operating at its peak performance so you can relax in your safe, comfortable home.

You can contact me at 832-466-9980 or
e-mail dave@wilsonmechanical.net

Dave Wilson

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