Spring is Here

27 Mar

Spring has arrived early this year in Texas and with it the pollen related allergy season. Recent drought conditions combined with high amounts of winter rain promise a longer more severe pollen season than usual, (NOAA). The experts at MayoClinic.com recommend several tried and true techniques to alleviate springtime allergies including an annual Air Conditioning check up! This not only helps improve indoor air quality, but also extends the life of your system, saves you up to 30% on your energy consumption, and provides peace of mind by providing a cleaner, more comfortable environment for you and your family.

Here are a few things you can do as a homeowner to save you money and keep your family cool:

Keep the area around you’re a/c unit clean – Free-flowing air is needed by your air conditioner in order to function properly, therefore any surrounding debris should be removed, and shrubs and other plant growth should be trimmed back.

Change or clean the filters – Dirty filters cut down on performance and cause serious problems if neglected. For best performance, it is recommended that you change filters once a month.

Clean the drain – A plugged drain can lead to expensive water damage inside your home. You can check the condensation drain is flowing while the unit is running. No water should be visible outside.

Safety is of utmost importance when completing home projects involving your air conditioner or any other electrical system. If you don’t know how or are unsure how to clear the drain or clean around the coils, we recommend that you call a professional to get your air conditioner ready for summer. A professional will be able to prevent many small problems from becoming large, expensive problems later by including many additional components in the spring a/c tune-up and safety check.

A professional A/C Spring Tune-Up should include at least the following components:

Outdoor Units

  • Inspect unit for proper refrigerant level and adjust if necessary
  • Clean dirt, leaves, and debris from inside cabinet
  • Inspect base pan for restricted drain openings and removing obstructions
  • Inspect coil and cabinet-clean as needed
  • Inspect control box, associated controls/accessories, wiring and connections
  • Inspect compressor and associated tubing for damage
  • Check breaker for proper size

Indoor Units

  • Inspect blower assembly
  • On older models, lubricate motor and inspect and replace fan belt if needed
  • Inspect evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate drain lines.
  • Inspect control box, associated controls, wiring and connections
  • Inspect conditioned airflow system (ductwork)-check for leaks

While Your System is Operating

  • Monitor system starting characteristics and capabilities
  • Listen for abnormal noise
  • Search for source of unusual odors
  • Monitor air conditioning and heat pump systems for correct refrigerant charge
  • Measure outdoor dry bulb temperature
  • Measure indoor dry and wet bulb temperature
  • Monitor system for correct line and load volts/amps
  • Monitor system operation per manufacturer’s specifications
  • Provide system operation and recommendation report

Now is the perfect time to call and make sure you’re a/c system is running efficiently and reliably. We recommend you get your spring a/c tune-up and safety check early before Houston’s long, hot summer arrives. Call Dave at Wilson Mechanical and you’ll get a 22-point inspection and tune-up, cleaning, and safety-check for only $69.00 per system (a $99.00 value).

With over 23 years experience, environmentally friendly service, and top quality products, owner Dave Wilson ensures your air conditioning system will be operating at its peak performance so you can relax in your safe, comfortable home.

You can contact me at 832-466-9980 or

email dave@wilsonmechanical.net.

Dave Wilson


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